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This is what we do best. From the early stages of planning through to the Big Day, we'll be there for you to make sure you get what you want. We'll help you pick the songs you want and make sure that your reception flows from one event to the next. Need us to provide sound during the ceremony too? We can do that, assuming the ceremony and reception are close to each other, if not in the same venue.

Up to 3 Hours of Background Music

Up to 6 Hours of Party Time

50 Glow Necklaces

100 Glow Bracelets

12 Blow-Up Instruments

Fog Machine

Video Projection

Computer-Controlled Club-Style Lighting

2 KZNC Party DJs T-Shirts


Wedding Ceremony Audio (Must be at Same Venue)


Relays need music to keep things going, especially on the long ones where people tend to get tired from not being used to being up all night. Let us help keep people walking with the right mix of upbeat songs to keep everyone energized, to the appropriate remembrance songs during the Luminary Ceremony. We also provide video projection for the In Memory Of and In Honor Of segments. We've done quite a number of Relays in the past, so we know what to do and when to do it to make yours a success!

Up to 12 Hours of Audio Services (Music, PA, etc)

Video Projection


Almost everyone loves a party on their birthday or just about any other time of the year, so why not let us help make it a great one? You provide the goodies, we'll provide the music!

Is your 10-year wedding anniversary coming up? How about the 25th or even 50th? Okay, any anniversary counts! Let us help you make it special. We'll play music from the time of the original event if desired, or it can just be a big party where most anything goes!

From family reunions to school graduation anniversaries, let us help make your Reunion great! As with Wedding Anniversaries, we can play music themed to the event, or just play current hits to keep the party going.

Also in this category are SCHOOL DANCES! Proms are a Big Deal when you're in High School, so don't drop the ball and try to have a memorable event without us. You worry about the decorations and dress code and we'll worry about playing the latest hits everyone loves (radio-edited, of course)!

Up to 5 Hours of Party Time

50 Glow Necklaces

12 Blow-Up Instruments

Fog Machine

Computer-Controlled Lighting Set

1 KZNC Party DJs T-Shirt (not included with SCHOOL DANCES)


Got an event planned with lots of kids from different troops coming together, sometimes for the first time? Take the awkwardness out of the meeting with music! Everyone loves music, it's a universal thing, so let us help break the ice to make the gathering of the troops easier!

Up to 9 Hours of Audio Services (Music, PA, etc)


Once considered weird and obscure, Karaoke has become an event people look forward to. Let your bar patrons stretch their vocal chords with their renditions of their favorite songs from the past to the present. With Internet-based Karaoke files, we've pretty much got you covered.

Up to 5 Hours of Party Time

Karaoke Equipment


Didn't see a package that fits your needs? We can always help you to build the exact package you want from our list of available serivces.

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