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  • Short answer: YES!

    Longer answer: We have over 350,000 audio tracks available to us on our computers that span quite a few decades, going back to at least the 1940s, if not further. Obviously, there are more selections as you get closer to today, but there you are. In the event that we don't have a song you're looking for, we have subscriptions to Internet music services (iDJPool and Amazon Prime Music) that have even more music, which covers many of the oldies and all of the current hits. To-date, we have approximately a 99.9% success rate in finding requested songs, Karaoke excluded (some songs just aren't released to Karaoke, or have had their rights revoked after a time; songs by Prince fall into this limitation, among others).

    One thing we must be clear about is utilizing YouTube for music. It's illegal. Period. Videos on YouTube are there for private consumption, and the events we perform at are by no means "private," even if it's in your garage. Yes, it's highly unlikely that anyone would complain that we played a song from YouTube, and quite unlikely anyone in authority would ever find out, but just to be crystal clear here, it's illegal, and as such, is not something we willingly do, so please just accept that we're not going to use YouTube at your event. There are literally thousands of other songs available to listen to, so just let that one song go and move on, okay? If you feel this to be a deal-breaker, then that's what it will be. We obtain all of our music legally and pride ourselves in maintaining that ethic. Not all DJ companies can claim that.

  • Again, short answer: YES!

    Longer answer: While we cannot claim to listen to every genre available, we do have access to pretty much every type of music available. The more generically popular it is, the greater the selection. We get asked this a lot about Latino music in particular, and yes, we do play Latino music. However, we don't generally listen to Latino music, so we have almost no clue as to what is good and what isn't, and if a specific song is appropriate or not for the crowd we're playing to. If you ask us to play "anything" by a certain group, we'll try to find the current most popular songs by them and play those, but it's far easier if you are specific, giving us the name of the song you want and who its by. One way or another, we will figure out a way to play it for you (YouTube being an exception; see the previous answer for our stand on YouTube music).

    On the ABOUT US page, you'll find a generalized description of what each of us as DJs like to play and/or listen to. We're not restricted to those genres, however, as at almost every event, we're introduced to new music or artists we've not heard before and POOF! we have another genre or artist to add to our favorites lists.

  • As of March 1, 2019, we start at $175 and go up to $840 (base rates; select additional features are extra and their availability depends on the type of event).

    The quickest way to get an answer to this question is to visit the GET A QUOTE page. But, we'll try to summarize the reasoning behind the various prices here.

    Our top package is Weddings and Wedding Receptions. This is what we are best at, and we bring almost everything to the table. When you check out the Quotes page, you'll see what we provide on the day of the event. But we also spend a great deal of time prior to the event to make sure your Special Day is the best it can be, from optionally meeting with you (many clients prefer to do everything online or by the phone) to procuring the requested music and making sure our equipment is working at its best.

    Stepping down from Weddings is the General Parties package, which, considering what you get with that, is quite affordable, too. General Parties are less complicated than weddings, and are thus less expensive. They're also generally less formal, but that doesn't mean we'll show up in street clothes. Well okay, we might show up in street clothes, but we'll change into nice attire for the event. We want people to remember the event for the fun, not how shockingly unkempt the DJs were!

    Next are School Events, Charitable Events and Scouting Events. These are all pretty inexpensive, really, mainly because the kids usually have to raise the money themselves, or, by definition, a charity is involved trying to raise funds. Now, these are way less complicated than General Parties, but we still bring kick-ass fun and excitement.

    Last up are Bar Events which almost always are Karaoke Nights. For these events, usually due to space limitations, we can't set up all our toys (lights in particular), so we charge less. They're also supremely easy to pull off, so we accept bookings for Bar Events as little as a day out, if we're available.

    All our packages get our A-Game, regardless of price. Except for Bar Events, we almost always bring the equipment trailer with us, so we can expand on what we provide with just a little communication and the cost of the add-on — and to be clear, the most expensive add-on we have is a $100 fee for Outdoor Events for packages that don't come with that, so it's not like you're going to break the bank to get a little more wild.

  • Unlike some companies that charge you a certain amount after assessing how much they think you can afford, our pricing is really quite simple and is based on average prices that we've charged in the past when we did charge by the hour. This method is much simpler, and allows us to give you a quote in seconds, rather than taking time to figure things out based on way too many variables. There are different rates charged based on the event, however, because of the amount of time, preparation and involvement we need to put in for different event types.

    Just exactly what are our prices? Visit the GET A QUOTE page and take a look. We're not going to hide anything from you; our prices are clearly listed on this site, but there are a few select variables involved. These include assorted add-ons which vary depending on the package, extending the duration of the event beyond what the package already provides (which, at four or five hours of party time for most events, or unlimited time for weddings, is usually plenty), and travel fees.

    Ahh. Travel fees. The ever-fluctuating variable. Well, it's really not that complicated, actually, and the site will calculate it for you when you fill out the Quote forms, but here's the gist of it: Every year around mid-December, the IRS publishes a travel compensation fee rate for the coming year. We take that number and add 50% to it due to the incredible drain on fuel mileage the trailer causes. We then pass that fee on to you... but only after 60 to 75 miles depending on the event type, and only for one-way travel. If your event's location is within the free travel radius of our starting point according to Google Maps, there's no travel fee. Only after the free miles are exhausted do we start charging for travel. While other companies will charge you after a smaller radius and for return mileage, we won't.

    Now, if your venue is further than approximately 2½ hours away, we're going to have to add a little more in the form of an Accomodation Fee. This is because at 2½ hours each way, two hours set-up time, five or more hours event time, an hour to break things down and put them away and another 2½ hours back, that's at least thirteen hours of working — usually closer to eighteen hours for weddings — which is well beyond what professional truck drivers are allowed to work each day. We believe in arriving safe to the venue and back home, so we factor in a motel stay for long-duration events. The site will also calculate this, if applicable.

  • Well... visit the GET A QUOTE page and take a peek. Yes, we keep referring you back to that page because so very many questions can be answered just by providing a little information to the site. Now, before you freak out about providing personal information, let me assure you that NONE OF IT is ever stored on our server. It's all stored in cookies within your browser's subsystem. If that causes concern, just click any red RESET button on the GET A QUOTE or MUSIC REQUESTS pages to wipe them all out. Gone. We know nothing! BUT, it is worth noting that these cookies are important. They will allow you to fill out the forms in stages, rather than all at once, and allow you to come back and make changes at a later time. They remain in your full control, however, not ours. Until and unless a Quote, Contract or Music Request is submitted, we won't even know you're on this site! We like our privacy and respect yours, too.

    Now, having said all that, the answer to the question you clicked on is simple: You get us (Kehvan & Nathan as primary DJs, Bryan as our alternate when we're not available), our library of music, access to our Internet music repositories, an excellent sound system and computer-controlled club-style party lighting. The amount of lighting and number of speakers depends on the venue, but there's no price difference for the use of additional equipment — if the venue can handle four subs and four tops, we'll use them; we're not going to charge you more just to get butt-shaking bass at your event like other companies do. If you want more, there's a small fee for the use of select add-ons depending on your package (some packages include these things, others don't). For events beyond 60 to 75 miles distance of LaCrosse KS, there's also a fuel surcharge based on the then-current IRS reimbursement schedule, and an overnight Accomodation Fee for events more than 2½ hours away.

  • For the majority of events, Kehvan & Nathan will be your DJs. Sometimes, and for select events in particular, your DJ might be Bryan (aka Buzz). Kehvan & Nathan are the co-owners of KZNC Party DJs and we named the company after us, so unless we're already committed to something else, you'll get us.

    When you book with us, you're booking with US, not some megacorp where you never quite know who or what you're getting until the day of your event. You deal with us, optionally meet with and get to know us, and get us at your event. Simple as that. For school dances, we will almost always send Bryan in, mainly because he's a young pup who understands kids a lot better than we do. We specialize in more adult events (weddings in particular), so Bryan is our go-to guy for keeping the kids happy. Regardless of whether it's Kehvan & Nathan or Bryan, you'll always get the best bang for your buck by choosing us.

  • Absolutely, if it's a public event such as a bar event, Relay for Life or other similar event. If you're asking to basically drop in on one of our weddings to see how we do things, then no, you may not unless you're specifically invited by the couple. We understand that you'd like to get a feel for how we do things, but ask yourself how you'd feel if we let potential clients drop by your wedding reception or private party uninvited by you? You'd probably not like that, so we're not going to allow you to do that to someone else. The next best thing would be to visit our VIDEOS page to watch a few (or all) of the videos we've taken at past events — most of which are weddings! See? You CAN see a little of what we bring to the table.

  • Actually, no. These are our initials (Kehvan Zydhek, Nathan Carrier). We have learned that this callsign is a radio station in Alaska — Red Dog Mine Port, to be exact, way up north of Nome — and was previously a station in Millbank, SD. So I suppose in a way we are a radio station, but we have no affiliation with either the current or past users of that callsign. Just a coincidence.

    Speaking of coincidences, changing one letter of our name does match a radio station broadcasting from right here in LaCrosse — KXNC, better known as Kiss 104.7! Change that same letter again and you get the local television rebroadcaster of NBC out of Great Bend, KSNC. As such, we do fully understand any confusion people may have with us being Mobile DJs as opposed to being associated with broadcast media.

  • Subliminal messaging.

    KZNC Party DJs: Out of This World Entertainment, Down to Earth Prices.

    ...and we mean it! We try to have fun at every event because, hello, it's a PARTY! Not only is Party our business' middle name, it's what you're hiring us for and what we live for. Thus, we bring all the fun and excitement we can to make your party memorable, regardless of size.

    We're not going to overcharge you like most other companies. We know of some companies that will charge you extra for more than a couple lights. Why? It takes just a few extra minutes to set up 12 lights versus 4 or 6, so why charge for that? Why charge for more speakers? If the venue can handle it, we'll load in four subwoofers and four tops, but we're not going to charge you extra just so you can feel the bass. We've got all our hardware in our trailer (like many other companies), so where do they get off charging you extra for more speakers when they're already there?

    We charge what we do to cover our immediate costs like fuel and music subscription services, as well as maintenance costs of our equipment so we can replace anything that wears out or get new toys (aka lights) for added excitement. Of course, there's a margin for profit, but we don't ask as much as others do in that regard, as 90% of our profit goes right back into the company for pesky things like maintaining and upgrading our hardware (computers, mainly).

  • Check the calendar on Step 2 of the GET A QUOTE page for your date (select an event type, then you'll see the calendar). If your date is in blue, we're available, but if it's red, someone else beat you to us. Hopefully it'll be blue, in which case you can continue to fill out the GET A QUOTE forms which will give you a live quote for services. Heck, even if it's red, go ahead and fill out the forms; we might be able to put in DJ Buzz if he's available.

    If you accept the quote (Step 5), you can either stop there and confirm the date is available (if it's red) or continue on. We've recently upgraded the site to actually produce a contract for your event, where you can optionally pay your deposit (or more) via PayPal. Or you can wait for us to write up a contract for you based on the information you've provided, of which a copy will be emailed to you, with no committment required, unless you want us (which we hope you do), in which case a deposit will be needed to lock in the date.