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  • Short answer: YES! Longer answer: We have well over 350,000 audio tracks stored on our DJ computers that span quite a few decades, going back to at least the 1940s, if not further. Obviously, there are more selections as you get closer to today, but there you are. In the event that we don't have a song you're looking for, we have subscriptions to Internet music services (MP3 for DJs and Amazon Prime Music) that have even more music, which covers many of the oldies and all of the current hits. There's an unspoken game we like to play at our events called "Stump the DJ," where someone tries to throw us a curveball with an esoteric or unknown song. To-date, we have always found what we have been asked to play, Karaoke excluded (some songs just aren't released to Karaoke, or have had their rights revoked after a time).

  • Again, short answer: YES! Longer answer: While we cannot claim to listen to every genre available, we do have access to pretty much every type of music available. The more popular it is, the greater the selection. We get asked this a lot about Latino music, and yes, we do play Latino music. However, we don't generally listen to Latino music, so we have no clue as to what is good and what isn't, and if a specific song is appropriate or not. If you ask us to play "anything" by a certain group, we'll try to find the current most popular songs by them and play that, but it's far easier if you are specific, giving us the name of the song you want and who its by. One way or another, we will figure out a way to play it for you.

  • Well, that depends on the event, how far away it is, and how much we have to prepare or plan for it. Weddings are complicated events that must go off without a hitch on the first try; there are no do-overs for your Special Day, and as such, they'll cost more. Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Reunions and the like are just as special but more casual events with fewer requirements beyond just having fun, so they cost less. Events at bars are even less complicated given that they're usually background fillers for the patrons who are there just to have a good time. These are our cheapest events, but that doesn't mean that we don't bring our A-Game to them. Please visit the GET A QUOTE page to review our packages and get a no-obligation quote.

  • Unlike some companies that might charge you a certain amount after assessing how much they think you can afford, our pricing is really quite simple based on average prices that we've charged in the past when we did charge by the hour. This method is much simpler, and allows us to give you a quote in seconds, rather than taking time to figure things out based on many variables. There are different rates charged based on the event, however, because of the amount of time, preparation and involvement we need to put in for different event types. Weddings cost the most simply because we'll put in a lot of time working with you to prepare for the big day and do everything we can to make sure your event goes off without issue. Weddings being what they are typically need a few months of preparation. Mid-level events require less preparation, other than maybe making sure a handful of songs that are "must-plays" are available, and can usually be planned as quickly as a couple weeks in advance. Bar events such as a "Karaoke Night" require the least amount of preparation and almost always include fewer, if any, lights than other events (usually due to space limitations) - heck, if we're available, we can pull off a bar event with as little as a day's notice! Select events such as School Dances and Scouting Events are given discounts simply because the kids are usually responsible for raising the money, and we'd rather they had a great time with us than a mediocre event with a less-qualified or cheap service.

  • Us, our library of music, our Internet music respositories, an excellent sound system and computer-controlled club-style party lighting. The amount of lighting and number of speakers depends on the venue, but there's no price difference for the use of additional equipment. If you want more, there's a small fee for the use the bubble and fog machines to cover the clean-up and maintenance and the cost of the solution used in them. There's also add-on fees for Karaoke (except at bar events) and for video projection. For events beyond 75 miles distance of LaCrosse KS, there's also a fuel surcharge based on the then-current IRS reimbursement schedule.

  • Easy! It'll be Kehvan with backup by Nathan. We are the co-owners of KZNC Party DJs, we named the company after us, and we don't have any other employees at this time. When you book with us, you're booking with US, not some megacorp where you never quite know who or what you're getting until the day of your event. You deal with us, meet and get to know us, and get us at your event. Simple as that. On the extremely rare occasion that Nathan and I are not available, we do have a substitute DJ we'll put in to cover us, but unless it's an emergency, you will get plenty of time to meet with this DJ as well. You'll still get the same experience, though.

  • Absolutely, if it's a public event such as a bar event, Relay for Life or other similar event. If you're asking to basically drop in on one of our weddings to see how we do things, then no, you may not unless you're specifically invited by the couple. We understand that you'd like to get a feel for how we do things, but ask yourself how you'd feel if we let potential clients drop by your wedding reception uninvited by you? You'd probably not like that, so we're not going to allow you to do that to someone else. The next best thing would be to visit our VIDEOS page to watch a few (or all) of the videos we've taken at past events.

  • Actually, no. These are our initials (Kehvan Zydhek, Nathan Carrier). We have learned that this callsign is a radio station in Alaska -- Red Dog Mine Port, to be exact, way up north of Nome -- and was previously a station in Millbank, SD. So I suppose in a way we are a radio station, but we have no affiliation with either the current or past users of that callsign. Just a coincidence. Speaking of coincidences, changing one letter does match a radio station broadcasting from right here in LaCrosse -- KXNC, better known as Kiss 104.7! Change that same letter again and you get the local television rebroadcaster of NBC out of Great Bend, KSNC. As such, we do fully understand any confusion people may have with us being Mobile DJs as opposed to being associated with broadcast media.

  • Subliminal messaging. See, our tagline is "Out of This World Entertainment, Down to Earth Prices," and we mean it! We try to have fun at every event because, hello, it's a PARTY! Not only is Party our business' middle name, it's what you're hiring us for and what we live for. Thus, we bring all the fun and excitement we can to make your party memorable, regardless of size. And we're not going to overcharge you like most other companies. We know of some companies that will charge you extra for more than a handful of lights. Why? It takes just a few extra minutes to set up 12 lights versus 4 or 6, so why charge for that? Why charge for more speakers? If the venue can handle it, we'll load in four subwoofers and four tops, but we're not going to charge you extra just so you can feel the bass. We've got all our hardware in our trailer (like many other companies), so where do they get off charging you $100 for more speakers when they're already there? We charge what we do to cover our immediate costs like fuel and music subscription services, as well as maintenance costs of our equipment so we can replace anything that wears out or get new toys for added excitement. Of course, there's a margin for profit, but we don't ask as much as others do in that regard, as 90% of our profit goes right back into the company for pesky things like upgrading our hardware.

  • Check the calendar on the GET A QUOTE page for your date. If it's in blue, we're available, but if it's red, someone else beat you to us. Hopefully it'll be blue, in which case you can continue to fill out the GET A QUOTE forms which will give you a live quote for services. If you accept that quote, we'll be emailed a copy of the quote and can then write up a contract for you, with no committment required of you, unless you want us (which we hope you do), in which case a deposit will be needed to lock in the date.