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  • KZNC Party DJs is an affordable DJ Service based out of LaCrosse Kansas that is the perfect choice for your next Wedding, Wedding Reception, Get-Together, Reunion, Birthday or Anniversary Party, School Event, Karaoke Party or whatever! Don't pay more for less! Get a quote from us before you decide on any service. Visit our GET A QUOTE page for a free, no-obligation, instant price quote and see what we offer in our packages that the other guys charge extra for (hint: that would be pretty much everything).

    We play all genres of music, all the latest songs (including clean versions when applicable), and all the classics, too. We have a collection of over 350 thousand tracks at our disposal, and can access even more via the Internet if we need to. Do you need a special song for your event? Let us know and we'll try to find it for you, or we might even be able to edit one together if you're looking for a special mix. If you've already got a specially-mixed song you or a friend made, or a rarity such as from a local band, we can play it if you provide it beforehand. Our digital music library spans multiple decades, so it's a rare occasion that we can't find the songs you and your guests want to hear.

    We have some of the best sound equipment from such brands as EV, Mackie, Peavey and Seismic Audio, as well as DMX-based computer controlled lighting systems from Chauvet and ADJ. You'll be hard-pressed to find better in West-Central Kansas. We know what we're doing and how to bring the excitement, and will do our best to keep you and your guests entertained by keeping the music going with as few breaks for talking as possible.

    Let us bring the PARTY to you because at KZNC Party DJs, “Party” really is our middle name!

  • Our primary DJ is Kehvan Zydhek (the KZ of our name). He doesn't use a stage name because his philosophy is that you're hiring us to play the music you want to hear, not to hear him talk all night long. That doesn't mean that he won't interact with the crowd, mind you; he'll get the crowd pumping when necessary, and stay low-key when it's not. His personal tastes in music lean toward 80s pop and rock, 90s country, and today's more danceable music. While not fond of hardcore rap, he does enjoy a good hip-hop song from time to time. When it comes to dancing, he freely admits to being completely uncoordinated, so you'll usually see him bouncing around to the beat in his chair at the DJ booth, but if you ask real nice, you might be able to entice him onto the dance floor for the Macarena or Cha-Cha Slide.

  • Nathan Carrier (the NC of our name) is usually the one who comes up with musical suggestions for Kehvan to play or looks up the lyrics of songs we're unfamiliar with to ensure we don't play something completely inappropriate. He also comes up with clever ideas, such as getting $25 off your event if you click here. He touts himself as our “roadie,” working more behind the scenes than behind the mic, although he does fill in for Kehvan as needed. His personal taste in music is pretty diverse, including 60s through 90s pop and rock, classic and new country, and the occasional hip-hop song. You'll see him shaking his groove thing out on the dance floor frequently during the night to keep the crowd engaged, especially when it comes to the popular line dances, or when he's got a good dance partner for some country two-stepping.

  • Bryan Snyder-Brown, more commonly known as Buzz, is an on-demand, contracted DJ for us, as we're getting to be too big for our britches and occasionally need to do two events at the same time. Buzz started off as a stand-up comedian in 2008 and has now added close-up magic, hypnosis and of course DJing to his repertoire. His musical tastes are widespread and inclusive with no particular likes or dislikes, as long as the crowd he's playing for enjoys it. Buzz does tend to be very interactive with the crowd, talking, joking and dancing through the event to keep the crowd pumped up, but he does know when to keep the mic muted on his end, too. Buzz is our go-to guy for school dances and proms as he's more in-touch with the music of that generation, and has gotten stellar reviews from the dances he's worked at. If you're looking for a younger-skewing DJ, you need to GET BUZZED!

  • We got our start back in 2011 when we were asked to provide music for the annual Girl Scouts Night at the Mall event in Hays. We used old home theater equipment and some party lights we bought at Walmart and played songs from our CD collection. It was rough, but it was a start. Then we were asked to DJ an anniversary party. By then, we'd picked up a few more goodies (including a fog machine we didn't read the instructions on, so we created fog so thick you literally could not see the other side of the room through), and started experimenting with mirror balls, effects lighting, and even cheap lasers. The following summer, we were invited to do sound for the Barton County Relay for Life, and that's when we decided we really liked this whole DJ thing, so we might as well do it professionally.

    At the time we started, we had a video production company under the ZYDHEK ENTERPRISES banner, but that just didn't work very well as a DJ company name. Not only did most people not know how to spell the company, few could actually pronounce it on first-try. About this time, our neighbor decided to mail us something despite living 25 feet away, and rather than spell out our names, she used our initials on the envelope. Inspired by that, we selected KZNC Party DJs as our company name, and went wild. We researched and bought some really good entry-level speakers and amps, and added still more lights to our collection, soon getting our first wedding dance. Before long, we were playing in bars, doing Karaoke Nights and performing at the occasional wedding. Once we launched our Facebook page, things really took off, with weddings or other events scheduled almost every weekend. Which basically brings us to the present, where we've actually had one bidding war to try to obtain us (we were fair and went with the first to sign with us) and a couple upset brides who really wanted us but had to go with someone else because we were already booked on their big day.

    Yes, we've grown from being able to carry all our equipment in the cab of our truck to outgrowing our equipment trailer just a little more than a year after we bought it, but we're still very much small-town guys with down-home values who know that money can be hard to come by at times. Unlike most other Mobile DJ companies, we absolutely refuse to overcharge for our services. We feel what we charge is very fair in the market, given some other companies charge twice as much for half the service. We invite you to browse this site, watch some or all of the videos, and check out our prices. Then go and look at what other companies are offering and charging. We think you'll like our packages and prices and hope to be your go-to choice for entertainment, now and in the future.