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KZNC Party DJs is an affordable DJ Service based out of LaCrosse Kansas that is the perfect choice for your next Wedding, Wedding Reception, Get-Together, Reunion, Birthday or Anniversary Party, School Event, Karaoke Party or whatever! Don't pay more for less! Get a quote from us before you decide on any service.

We play all genres of music, all the latest songs (including clean versions when applicable), and all the classics, too. Do you need a special song? Let us know and we'll try to find it for you. If you've got a specially-mixed song or rarity, we can play it if you provide it beforehand. Our digital music library spans multiple decades and we've got Internet subscriptions to give us access to still more. It's a rare occasion that we can't find the songs you and your guests want to hear.

We have some of the best sound and lighting equipment in West-Central Kansas, and we know what we're doing and how to bring the excitement. The experience is further enhanced with club-like lighting arrays, lasers, fog and bubble machines, and multi-color LED lights and strips that pulse to the beat.

Let us bring the PARTY to you because at KZNC Party DJs, “Party” really is our middle name!


Our primary DJ is Kehvan Zydhek (the KZ of our name). He doesn't use any silly stage names because his philosophy is that you're hiring us to play the music you want to hear, not to hear him talk all night long. Not that he won't interact with the crowd, mind you; he'll get the crowd pumping when necessary, and stay low-key when it's not. His personal tastes in music lean toward 80s pop, 90s country, and today's more danceable music. While not fond of rap, he does enjoy a good hip-hop song from time to time. When it comes to dancing, he's completely uncoordinated, so you'll usually see him bouncing around to the beat in his chair at the DJ booth, but if you ask real nice, you might be able to entice him onto the dance floor for the Macarena or Cha-Cha Slide.


Nathan Carrier (the NC of our name) usually just comes up with musical suggestions for Kehvan to play or looks up the lyrics of songs we're unfamiliar with to ensure we don't play completely inappropriate music. He touts himself as our “roadie,” working more behind the scenes than behind the mic. His personal taste in music is pretty diverse, including 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s pop and rock, classic and new country, and the occasional hip-hop song. You'll see him shaking his groove thing out on the dance floor frequently during the night to keep the crowd engaged, especially when it comes to the popular line dances, or when he's got a good dance partner for some country two-stepping.

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